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Business on Purpose

Aligning your work with your faith

Have you ever felt a disconnect between your faith and your work?
Do you long to know that your work matters to God and makes a positive impact in the world?

Faith & Co. is a 14-part documentary series by Seattle Pacific University, which highlights the struggles, triumphs, and stories of people like you: business people wrestling with what it means to live out business as their calling. Through these inspiring examples, filmed across three continents and 18 U.S. cities and featuring a wide range of industries — high tech, health care, retail, and property development — we seek to provoke questions and provide insights about what it means to act as faithful followers of Christ in business. Whether you are a business professional, a minister, a student, or simply someone interested in exploring how the Christian faith is lived out in the global marketplace, Faith & Co. challenges traditional assumptions and hopes to inspire you to reimagine business practices to more closely align with God’s creative and redemptive agenda.        | Meet the cast |

Film Series

Faith & Co. is a partnership between academic departments, entrepreneurial companies, and mission-driven institutions.

Supported by generous donor funding and facilitated by Seattle Pacific University, this bold experiment in exploring the potential of educational film and Christian vocation has united a team of experts to deliver rigorous, high-quality resources in the spirit of teaching and learning.

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SPU Center for Integrity in Business — executive producer

The Center for Integrity in Business at Seattle Pacific University tackles head-on the real-life challenges faced by business leaders. CIB brings a distinct Christian perspective to work, believing that biblical insight and theological understanding are essential for effective business leadership in the world today. This combination of faith and business creates a new and powerful value proposition.

Dr. Kenman Wong

Dr. Kenman Wong — film producer, course instructor

Kenman Wong teaches and researches the areas of business ethics and market-based methods to alleviate global poverty. He is co-author/editor of three books, most recently Business for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace (w/ Scott B. Rae; IVP Academic, 2011). During his time at SPU, Kenman has received awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and community engagement. Prior to SPU, he was employed with the technology and management consulting firm Andersen Consulting (now known as Accenture).

SPU School of Business, Government, and Economics — content development, expert facilitation, project management

The School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University believes the highest purpose of business is to serve. Designed to advance “another way of doing business,” SPU’s program is AACSB-accredited with quality instruction, small classes, and professional mentoring that underscore its emphasis on ethics derived from a distinctly Christian worldview.

SPU Institute for Academic Innovation — online learning and pedagogy
SPU’s Institute for Academic Innovation provides expertise, support, and leadership in the vision, development, implementation, assessment, and reiteration of large-scope policies and practices dedicated to furthering the academic mission of the University. Its goal is to cross institutional boundaries and create networks and partnerships that reach into the local, national, and global communities attached to SPU.

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UNTAMED — film production and editing
A film production company based in Seattle with international scope, UNTAMED is dedicated to the issues, projects, and stories that inspire global engagement. Working with international nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and start-ups, UNTAMED seeks to highlight the emotional landscape, depth, and diversity of the human experience through intimate interviews, verité footage, and world-class cinematography.

Photo Credit (events): Devin Martino-Atsatt