The Faith & Co. documentary film series and courses from Seattle Pacific University highlight the struggles and triumphs of people living out business as their calling. Filmed across three continents in a wide range of industries, these inspiring examples provoke questions and provide insights about how to act as a faithful follower of Christ in business.

Have you ever felt a disconnect between your faith and your work?

Do you long to know that your work matters to God and makes a positive impact in the world?

New SPU films highlight “Another way of doing business”

Just released by SPU’s Faith & Co. project, nine new films ask, “What does it mean to truly serve employees?” and “How do we serve the world?” This article explores the Faith & Co. experience, which inspires students and businesspeople by equipping them to approach work as service.

Center for Faithful Business

SPU Center for Faithful Business

The Center for Faithful Business at Seattle Pacific University tackles head-on the real-life challenges faced by business leaders. CFB brings a distinct Christian perspective to work, believing that biblical insight and theological understanding are essential for effective business leadership in the world today. This combination of faith and business creates a new and powerful value proposition.

SPU School of Business, Government, and Economics

The School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University believes the highest purpose of business is to serve. Designed to advance “another way of doing business,” SPU’s program is AACSB-accredited with quality instruction, small classes, and professional mentoring that underscore its emphasis on ethics derived from a distinctly Christian worldview.

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A film production company based in Seattle with international scope, UNTAMED is dedicated to the issues, projects, and stories that inspire global engagement. Working with international nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and start-ups, UNTAMED seeks to highlight the emotional landscape, depth, and diversity of the human experience through intimate interviews, verité footage, and world-class cinematography.