Sign up for Our Next Faith & Co Course: Serving Customers

Sign up for Our Next Faith & Co Course: Serving Customers

Registration closes April 17, 2023


Today’s business leaders know they must be concerned with more than merely maximizing profit if they’re going to be successful over the long term. But how might a uniquely Christian approach to business approach customer service? The latest Faith & Co. Course at Seattle Pacific University, “Faith & Co: Serving Customers,” aims to answer that question. “Serving Customers” is now open for enrollment. Registration closes on Monday, April 17.


This continuing education professional development course re-imagines how business ought to serve customers by applying the lens of Christian faith. It will build upon the Faith & Co film series with a focus on the Season 3: Serving Customers film stories.


“There are a few main points I love to explore in this course,” said Dr. Gary Karns, instructor for “Faith & Co. Serving Customers.” “A relational approach to marketing, building trust, and seeing ways in which marketing can align with faith as opposed to the many examples of exploitive and deceptive marketing practices.”


After completing this course, students will be empowered to bring a Christian faith-informed mindset to the practice of business and marketing to better contribute to the flourishing of customers, and to live more fully integrated lives as faithful business professionals.


“This course is completely focused on the intersection of faith and participating with God in provisioning humankind, contributing to the flourishing of people as customers,” says Dr. Karns.


“Faith & Co: Serving Customers” is available as either a for-credit or not-for-credit option. When registering on SPU’s Continuing Education Website, be sure to choose the selection that matches your preference:


If you have any questions on registering or course content, please contact the course instructor.

We look forward to helping you serve customers in a way that brings God glory and commits to their flourishing!

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Seattle Pacific University

Dr. JoAnn Flett, Executive Director


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