Online Course

Business on Purpose
Instructor-led Online Course

Our second section of the instructor-led online course began on January 22, 2019.  The start date of our third section is pending.

Faith & Co: Business on Purpose is an education and formation experience with the goal of inspiring and equipping business people to approach their work as service to God and the common good. Taught by an award winning professor and delivered in an online format, this course incorporates a series of evocative short films shot in four countries, featuring stories of Christians living out their calling in a wide variety of industries and positions. These films make up the foundation of our curriculum.  Over eight weeks, we will deeply explore the themes, concepts, and questions raised by the films through exercises, readings, and interviews with business and thought leaders (i.e., Bill Pollard, Jeff Van Duzer, Denise Daniels, and Steve Garber).

There are both free and for-credit versions of the course.


   The free course

  • Instructor-led
  • Built around an evocative film series featuring business and thought leaders
  • Opportunities to interact with other learners
  • Activities to help you apply what you learn



   The for-credit course

All of the benefits listed for the free course, plus . . .

  • Credential from SPU showing mastery of subject matter
  • Can be applied towards a Faith & Co. certificate*
  • Can be applied towards an SPU graduate business degree program**
  • Each course is three credits at $399/course.


Registration for the for-credit course closes on January 29.

* This is the first of our four courses in the Faith & Co. series offered by 2020. Three of these four courses need to be completed in order to earn a Faith & Co. certificate.

** Up to nine credits may be applied to an SPU business graduate degree program if you decide to matriculate.