Serving Customers

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Faith & Co: Serving Customers explores how faith shapes the way organizations engage with and serve customers.  In this course you’ll think more deeply about the themes of the Season 3 films and hear from thought leaders including Collin Timms, Meagan McCoy Jones, Pieter Wasserfall, Paul Kim, and Mark Canlis.  Topics covered include:

  • Providing truly good goods and services that foster human flourishing
  • Selecting target markets with justice in mind
  • Offering generous value-propositions
  • Developing deeply relational connections with customers
  • Recognizing the contribution of beauty and celebration to customer flourishing

The free course

  • Instructor-led
  • Built around the Season 3 Faith & Co. films
  • Opportunities to interact with other learners
  • Activities to help you apply what you learn

The for-credit course

All of the benefits listed for the free course, plus . . .

  • Credential from SPU showing mastery of subject matter
  • Can be applied towards a Faith & Co. certificate*
  • Can be applied towards an SPU graduate business degree program**
  • Each course is three credits.

* This is the third of our four courses in the Faith & Co. series. Three courses need to be completed in order to earn a Faith & Co. certificate.

** Up to six credits may be applied to an SPU business graduate degree program if you decide to matriculate.