Business on Purpose

What others are saying

“The Faith & Co documentaries and film clips are the best I’ve seen on Faith and Work. The Study Guide is well thought out and structured. I can’t recommend it more highly, for individuals, Bible studies, workplace groups. But beware, you are likely to be challenged and changed by it.”
Dr. Gordon Preece, Priest-in-Charge, Yarraville Anglican Parish and Director of Ethos, and Religion & Social Policy at the University of Divinity, Melbourne.


“Faith & Co: Business on Purpose succeeds in the hardest task of faith-work integration—helping you figure out how your work matters to God, not just how work in general matters.  Oriented primarily towards entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, Faith & Co., uniquely integrates biblical faithfulness with practical application. Incomparable for today’s generation of Christians who work.”
Will Messenger, Executive Editor, Theology of Work Project


We get to see a lot of videos that are submitted to the Faith Driven Entrepreneur site.  None top the work that is coming out of Seattle Pacific’s initiative called Faith and Co. that features videos, an online course, and a group study guide.  We LOVE excellent work….not just the best Christian version of something, but the best version period.  These guys have, in our humble opinion :), the best short business documentaries that we’ve seen.

Henry Kaestner, The Faith Driven Entrepreneur and Managing Principal, Sovereign’s Capital

“This is one of those rare resources that can help ordinary people live into God’s redemptive purpose for them. In the typical upside-down way characteristic of the gospel, this course reframes business as a marvelous tool for making the world a better place. Powerful video vignettes of ordinary people doing extraordinary things illustrate how business people need no longer suffer a kind of second grade piety, on the sidelines of God’s work in the world. Faith & Co will give people hope and courage to embrace God’s call upon their lives.”

Dr. Geoffrey Hsu, Executive Director, Flourish San Diego


Faith & Co. is about depth. Deeper thinking of what it means to see that business itself is ministry. The inspiring, well-crafted films let us inside the hearts and minds of Kingdom business practitioners who have thought long and hard about what it means to live love, give opportunity, guard human dignity, and steward well the creation God has gifted us. Unfortunately, much of the conversation about connecting faith and work in the business sector just scratches the surface. Faith & Co. is theologically richer, digging into the implications of creation, fall, redemption, and new creation for everyday business. This isn’t “5 Tips for Successful Business.” This is wisdom for the long haul.
Amy L. Sherman, Ph.D., author, Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good