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Banking on Hope

Guardian Bank


How does the gospel change a bank’s view of people and how they should be treated, especially those of modest means?

Banks are largely impersonal, making it easy to get loans and good service if you are wealthy and quite difficult if you aren’t. The whole system is set up to avoid risk, tying creditworthiness more to capital than character. Inspired by faith that sees the infinite worth of each person, Guardian Bank takes a different, more humane and hopeful view that also provides hope for everyday households and commercial customers.

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • How does the gospel change Guardian Bank’s view of people and how they should be treated, especially those of modest means (or even less)?
  • How does the gospel change its view of risk and taking a chance on people and small businesses?
  • What do you think about it being the only bank in India to lower interest rates on loans by 50% due to the pandemic?

Connecting to Your Work

  • How do you go beyond being nice (i.e., kind, respectful, gentle, friendly, etc.) to your customers? In what ways are you generous towards them? What sacrifices do you make on their behalf?
  • In what ways do you take a chance on people as customers, as team members?
  • How do you provide encouragement and hope to your customers?
  • Are you asking customers to pay a just price?

Personal Application

  • What could you do to “go an extra mile” with/for your customers?
  • How could you help carry their burden?
  • How do you ensure that all your customers are treated well without regard to their socio-economic status or other common factors that get used to divide people into those who get special treatment and those who don’t?