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In an industry that sucks the life out of people, how does a company ensure that they aren’t exploiting employees?

Canlis is the 67-year-old, James Beard Award-winning restaurant in Seattle that is pushing the envelope when it comes to employee development.  By carefully selecting those whose core identity aligns with their involvement in the company, and then nurturing the process of self-discovery and development, Canlis has forged a world-class fine-dining experience.

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • How does Canlis nourish and grow its employees? What can other companies learn from this intensely personalized approach to employee development?
  • Mark Canlis says, “As a leader, we have to be willing to be seen.” What do you think he means by this? Why is it important?

Connecting to your Work

  • How much responsibility does a manager (or company) bear for helping employees move to new jobs/careers?
  • What do employees owe a company that invests in and facilitates their development?
  • What kind of person is the typical business organization forming its people into?
  • How would your company rate in terms of supporting employees as they seek to grow and develop? What could they do better?

Personal Application

  • What kind of person is your organization forming you into?  Who are you becoming as a result of working there?
  • What practices would enable you to become the person you want to become? How could you pursue these practices?

Herminia Ibarra & Anne Scoular’s article “The Leader as Coach” from Harvard Business Review

Lord, Thank you for creating us in community.  Help me to build relationships that help develop people into who you want them to be. Use me as a coach.  I want to contribute to your unfolding work in this world as you shape my co-workers into the persons you created them to be. Amen