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For Our People



How do you create healthier work-life balance in a consulting industry that is notorious for extensive travel and extremely long hours?

At PointB, the founders did it by building a company dedicated to their employees.  Then they made sure it would endure by selling the company to their employees. This 100% employee-owned consulting firm now has 800 employees and operates in 13 markets around the country.  It consistently ranks among the best-places-to-work.

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • Many companies try to promote an “ownership culture” and want their employees to “act like owners.”  How is PointB different?
  • What do you think about PointB’s way of putting their employees first?  How does this reflect a more” holistic understanding of human capital”?

Connecting to your Work

  • In your experience, in what ways have your companies instilled (or thwarted) in you a sense of ownership for your work?  Explain.
  • How do you think instituting employee-ownership at your company would change your mindset?  Your co-workers’ mindset and work attitude?

Personal Application

  • Do you “live to work” or “work to live”?  How would you characterize your personal level of work/life integration?  What could your company do to significantly improve in this area?

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Lord, help me to walk with you and to see the world through your eyes.  Help me perceive where you are at work redeeming, reconciling and restoring the world.  Help me recognize the soul inside every person I meet.  Help me honor and respect your image as reflected in the eyes of every employee.  Help me support and enable the whole lives of my colleagues.  And help me to build corporate systems and employment practices predicated on the reality that business truly is holy ground. Amen.