cabinet and countertop

God Loves Cabinets

Bellmont Cabinets


Where is God when businesses struggle or fail? Steve Bell, an award-winning entrepreneur, has dealt with this profound and painful question numerous times throughout his career.

Bellmont Cabinets is a cabinet manufacturing company near Seattle, Washington. The company has won numerous awards for high quality, innovation, community impact, and service. But Steve’s journey has been far from easy: two near bankruptcies served as crucibles to form his faith and lead him to a new understanding of how God measures success.

steve bell at his desk

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • What is your reaction to Steve’s story? Where was God during the downturns in his business?
  • Steve’s story ends positively – after the downturn, business comes back. Do you think this is always the case? Does faithfulness always result in material blessing?

Connecting to your Work

  • Our work gives us an opportunity to life faithfully. What can you do to live faithfully in your work context?

Personal Application

  • What challenges have your experienced in your work life? Have you ever wondered where God was during those times?
  • How has God used difficult times in your life?

Heavenly Father, thank you for the work you have done in Steve Bell’s life. Thank you for the journeys you have given all of us and for your constancy as we navigate the good times and the bad. May you continue to guide my journey and provide opportunities to live out my spiritual formation in my work life. Amen.