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Betenbough Homes


What if a home builder was dedicated to helping families realize the dream of home ownership?

Betenbough Homes is a production home builder that constructs affordable, good quality houses for families in west Texas. It employs a “cost+” business model that earns a fair margin while assuring trade partner sustainability. Its efficient operations enable it to pass substantial cost savings along to buyers. Its people over profits mentality and process management have produced annual growth of 30%+ and helped thousands of families buy a place to call home. All parties flourish!

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • What is a production builder? How does Betenbough make money? How does it create shared value?
  • What makes the sales and user experience deeply relational and personal?
  • How does it demonstrate love for customers and trade partners?
  • How does it stand out from other builders in the industry?

Connecting to Your Work

  • Are there opportunities in your work to offer more value for the same price without taking losses? To make a good product more affordable for customers who otherwise would be left out?
  • How are you “walking life” with your customers and making their user experience more reflective of your faith commitments, to make them feel valued as persons?
  • Are there opportunities in your work to build trust with your customers by evening the scales through increasing your transparency and openness?

Personal Application

  • How will you provide great value to your customers, employer, family, friends, and church, even when you could get by with less, as part of living such a good life among others that they will give glory to God?
  • What can you do to be a trustworthy and faithful ambassador of God’s kingdom in and through your work?