Hill Country Memorial Hospital sign on building

Remarkable Always

Hill Country Memorial Hospital


For Emily Padula, work is an act of service to God. This inspires her as she leads the award-winning Hill Country Memorial Hospital towards being “remarkable always.”

As Chief Strategy Officer, Emily ensures that patients receive excellent care, employees are engaged in their work, and the broader community is well-served amidst a constantly changing healthcare environment. Her journey to a biblical understanding of work is expressed in the daily operations of the rural hospital.

emily speaks with nurse walking down the hospital walkway

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • How does Emily’s story inform your view of God’s purpose for your work?

Connecting to your Work

  • Can you describe ways in which your work serves as a foretaste or signpost to God’s eventual healing and redeeming of the world?

Personal Application

  • How would you describe God’s concern for your daily activities?
  • What are three ways in which you can fulfill God’s purpose for your work tomorrow?
  • How might you view or approach business differently if you view it as integral to God’s mission?

Heavenly Father, thank you for your vision to see the world as a whole. Thank you for inspiring Emily and Hill Country Memorial to work diligently toward pushing back death, brokenness, and disease I pray that you would open my eyes to the opportunities you have placed for me and the ways I can use those opportunities to help other people thrive. Amen.