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In the People Business

L&R Pallet Services


How do you overcome near-failure and ruinous betrayal by key managers?

At L&R Pallet Services in Denver, James and Carine Ruder have rebuilt an environment of trust since they stopped seeing their employees as a commodity.  A spiritually-inspired softening of the heart enabled them to see their employees’ lives in a new light.  The company is now truly committed to caring for the needs of its very diverse employees.

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • Brokenness and betrayal are part of the L&R story.  It took time to rebuild trust.  How did L&R heal and start trusting people again?
  • What role did a transformation-of-the-heart play in L&R’s story?  How did that transformation manifest itself?

Connecting to your Work

  • Does your company tend to see the best, or worst, in its employees?  How is this manifested?
  • Have you ever been treated “like a commodity” at work? What was it like? How did it make you feel?  How did you and your co-workers react to being treated as commodities?
  • Would the caring employee practices in the film work in your company? Why/why not?
  • What might you/your company learn from L&R’s story?

Personal Application

  • When you look at employees, what do you see? Why?
  • What do you believe about human nature?
  • How does your heart need to be transformed?

Read: James K.A. Smith’s “Redemption” from Comment.  He discusses God’s active work restoring all things… including “systems and structures of flourishing.”

Read: “A Condensed Overview of what the Bible says about Work from the Theology of Work project

Lord, help me see my co-workers/employees through your eyes. Please heal my own brokenness. Use me. Help me to trust and live into the unfolding reality of your restorative work in the world. Amen