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Make Coffee Black Again



What if a coffee company could fight racial injustice and help customers connect deeply with their identity as persons made in the image of God?

Cxffeeblack is an identity brand that is reclaiming coffee’s African origins.  Using coffee, music, merchandise, and events, Cxffeeblack affirms black identity, advocates for racial justice, creates community, and develops a black value chain eco-system in the coffee industry in Memphis and beyond.

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • Why have Bart and Renata built the business around coffee? What does it mean to reclaim this product, to make it black again?
  • In what ways is Cxffee Black establishing itself as an identity brand mingling community, advocacy, and a faith-driven worldview together?
  • How do the products, the merchandise (gear), the music, the gatherings/cuppings, etc. help customers connect with their cultural identity, foster racial justice, and deeper identity as persons bearing the Imago Dei?
  • What do you think about Cxffee Black’s efforts to develop and be part of a black supply-chain in the coffee industry?

Connecting to Your Work

  • How do you and your products or services help customers meaningfully connect with their worth as persons?
  • How are you advocating/producing for justice for your customers and for others in partnership with your customers?
  • In what ways do you create community among your customers?

Personal Application

  • How will you “do justice”, racial and otherwise, in and through your work and through the application of your skills and connections outside the workplace?
  • How do you ensure that all your customers are treated well without regard to their socio-economic status, race, or other common factors that get used to divide people into those who get special treatment and those who don’t?
  • How will you help people connect with their true self as bearers of God’s image?