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Saddleback Leather


The Munsons not only see business as something that can support ministry/missions, but as a mission all its own — loving people, especially customers and employees, many of whom work in their factory in Leon, Mexico.

While serving as a missionary/English instructor in Mexico, Dave Munson started a side business in 2003 out of the back of his truck. Today, he and his wife, Suzette, own and operate Saddleback Leather Company, a high-end leather goods business that has attracted a cult-like following for the beauty and quality of its products.

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • Can you make a biblical/theological case to support Dave and Suzette’s journey to seeing owning business as a ministry?
  • While business can indeed serve instrumental purposes (i.e., evangelism, earning money to support ministries), is there anything intrinsic to the work of Saddleback Leather Co. that might also matter to God and align with kingdom purposes?
  • What is the role of beauty at Saddleback Leather Co.?

Connecting to your Work

  • Do you see your work as a ministry? Why or why not?
  • To what extent do notions of beauty and quality impact the work you do?
  • In what ways can you serve God through your work?

Personal Application

  • What might God’s call on your life be?
  • What theological assumptions about work do you bring to your understanding of vocational significance and/or direction?

Heavenly Father, thank you for your love. Thank you for creating a world of beauty and quality. I pray that you open my heart to the opportunities you have given me in my life to do things that are beautiful and full of quality. May my work be an exhibit to your love. Amen.