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The Day

Ira Lippke Studios


What if photography was a spiritual discipline that communicates and celebrates the deeply human and sacred events in life?

Ira Lippke, a world class wedding photographer with studios in New York and Lisbon, sees himself as a contemplative artist who communicates deeper meaning, beauty, celebration, joie de vivre, the sacramental nature of a wedding, and recognition of the Imago Dei through his photographs and his work. In the thick of the moment, Ira ministers to couples, alleviating their stress and helping them make great memories of their special day that will last them a lifetime.

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • How is Ira a storyteller, not just a photographer or chronicler, who uses photographs to frame the deeper meaning, beauty, identity, and joie de vivre of a wedding?
  • How does Ira relieve stress for wedding couples?
  • In what ways is shooting a wedding or taking photos for humanitarian organizations a contemplative spiritual practice for Ira?
  • How is Ira able to be in the center of things shaping how the wedding flows, yet keep everyone’s focus on the couple who are being celebrated and the meaningfulness of the moment?
  • How do Ira’s photos help his subjects connect with their deeper identities as persons who bear the Imago Dei and help them celebrate their sacred day throughout their lives?

Connecting to Your Work

  • How does your work help customers meaningfully connect with their worth and dignity as persons?
  • How foes your work help customers celebrate life, joy, beauty, and deep meaningfulness?
  • How does your work alleviate the stress associated with the user experience of your customers or the stress they bring with them from their lives into the customer experience?

Personal Application

  • How can you engage in your work as a spiritual practice?
  • How will you recognize, celebrate, and help people connect with their true, deep selves as bearers of God’s image?
  • How will you help your customers and others experience joy, beauty, and deep meaning?
  • How will you alleviate rather than add to your customers’ stress?