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There and Enough

Misfit Wearables


Starting a business means sleepless nights, unpredictability, capital burn, and the threat of competition. Why then would the leaders of a new venture risk moving to a country with an unproven tech work force?

Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le, the husband and wife co-founders of Misfit Wearables, have had their faith tested as entrepreneurs. But relying on their faith, they helped build up a company founded on servant leadership, as well as Vietnam’s emerging R&D talent.

sonny and christy with their baby

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Guided Reflection

Reflecting on the Story

  • How does Sonny Vu understand servant leadership?
  • Is the culture of Misfit Wearables the kind of organizational culture you would enjoy working within? Why or why not?

Connecting to your Work

  • How do you understand servant leadership? How can you practice this kind of leadership at work?
  • If you are/were a supervisor, what steps can you take to make work more meaningful for employees?

Personal Application

  • Misfit is located in Vietnam and seeks to build community in the country where Sonny and Christy were born and that suffers from lack of opportunity. Where is your community and how can you use your work to influence it for good?

Heavenly Father, thank you for the work you are doing at Misfit Wearables. Thank you for the example of servant leadership Sonny and Christy display. May you inspire me to impart your values in my daily work to help me build relationships with everyone around me. Amen.