KIROS Young Professionals Gathering at SPU

By Stephen Waggoner

On Thursday, November 16th, 2023, the Center for Faithful Business welcomed KIROS Young Professionals, a group of early career Christian professionals in the Puget Sound region. This group meets to explore how to integrate their faith with their work. At this particular gathering, KIROS YP invited Jim Hancock from 3Practice Circles to Seattle Pacific University’s campus to generate discussion about something that often creates challenges for relationships and organizations, namely, difference and disagreement in conversations.

Jim Hancock had built a career working with youth and using his creative talents for films, books, and other services when he built a relationship with Jim Henderson, author of Jim and Casper Go to Church. Together they discovered an incredible story of three friends living in Illinois. These friends were a rabbi, an imam, and an evangelical preacher. The three religious leaders don’t agree on some of the ultimate matters of the universe, and they don’t worship together, yet they are all three very close friends.

Their relationship was so stereotype-defying, Henderson and Hancock decided to make a film about it. The film is appropriately named “No Joke.”

In creating the film, the friends discovered three practices that make friendship with difference and disagreement possible. The three practices are:

  • I’ll be unusually interested in the other
  • I’ll stay in the room with difference
  • I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst

When KIROS Young Professionals’ Chapter Director, Stephen Waggoner, met with Jim Hancock during the summer, he was spellbound when learning of Jim’s work with the 3 practices. And after connecting with Dr. JoAnn Flett, Executive Director at Center for Faithful Business, KIROS YP decided to invite Jim to Seattle Pacific University.

Young professionals from all over the greater Seattle area gathered in McKenna Hall to hear from Jim and to discuss how the 3 Practices might inform their relationship with coworkers and relatives who disagree with them on important topics. Even after the event ended at 8:30 pm, many attendees stayed another hour talking with Jim.

The team at KIROS Young Professionals express their sincere gratitude to the Center for Faithful Business for generously hosting the November 16th event and look forward to future collaborations with Seattle Pacific University.

Center for Faithful Business

Seattle Pacific University

Dr. JoAnn Flett, Executive Director


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