Love Defines the Incarnation

By Jenna Gillam | Student (Senior)

Advent is a sacred season that invites us to immerse ourselves in reflection upon God’s immeasurable love. A season that culminates in the joyous anticipation of the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. The nature of this period lies in the divine gift of salvation and eternal life through Jesus—a gift so monumental that it transcends human comprehension and underscores the depth of God’s love for each one of us. Contemplating this divine gift of love, a sense of awe and gratitude infiltrates our hearts, prompting us to ponder how best to express our thanks and honor the Almighty for this extraordinary manifestation of love.

Guided by the scriptures, we are reminded of the two commandments bestowed upon us by God. In Matthew 22:37-39, we are called to love the Lord our God with the entirety of our being—heart, soul, and mind. This is identified as the first and greatest commandment. The second, inseparable from the first, commands us to extend this love to our neighbors as we love ourselves. It is within the harmonious fulfillment of these commandments that we find a pathway to honoring and thanking God.

Cultivating a relationship with God is one path to honoring Him and expressing gratitude for this gift. The season of Advent urges us to transcend self-interest and actively seek opportunities to share the love of Christ. This endeavor can take multiple forms—whether through financial contributions, spending time surrounded by loved ones, or engaging with the broader global community by staying attuned to current events.

During this holiday season, let me offer a sincere invitation to you to consider the ways in which you can be a conduit of God’s tremendous love in your life. Embrace the season of Advent not only as a time of personal reflection but also as a call to embody love that defines the incarnation.

Center for Faithful Business

Seattle Pacific University

Dr. JoAnn Flett, Executive Director


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