Peace, as having my care carried by a loving God

By Levi Davenport

My life has boiled down to the very simple fact of either being at peace or not being at peace. These days being at peace with God is my single greatest request when I pray. I am seeing how being at peace remains a constant struggle. Much of the time when I am not at peace it is because I am making the decision to try and control or manipulate the situation or people involved. When I start out my day, I surrender myself and the day to God. By doing this, I am not making the day about me but instead the day is about having my care carried by a loving God. If I trust Him with my soul, I should trust Him with my day. This is a constant battle throughout the day as I consistently want to take back control of situations. For many years I tried to run the show and failed every time. My life is much simpler if I simply surrender to God. “Thy will be done” is a helpful prayer and thought to keep in my mind. “It is not about me” is another one. I tend to make everything about me all the time and this is a recipe for no peace in my life. My ego fights this simple act of surrender and if I can see that the recipe for no peace derives from my own selfishness and ego, then I am able to see much more clearly. I have found that I have so much freedom in life when I acknowledge that I am not the center of it, but God is. Even in this blog, I have used the words I, myself, and my to a grossly uncomfortable extent. It is refreshing to watch the scene in the film Rudy when the priest tells Rudy that there are only two things he has learned in life. “That there is a God, and I am not Him”. Jesus said you must lose your life to gain it. By losing or surrendering my life moment by moment to Jesus I find freedom and peace. I hope this encourages you as you live for peace in your life.

Levi Davenport, M.S.


Center for Faithful Business

Seattle Pacific University

Dr. JoAnn Flett, Executive Director


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