Radically Inspiring: A Full Life in Christ

By Isaac Hung

Believers in Business is a student-run annual conference for Christian MBAs. Our mission is to equip and encourage future Christian business leaders to live out their lives and careers for the glory of God. We provide a forum for honest discussion on the opportunities, challenges, and strategies for following Christ in the marketplace. Founded in 2006 in partnership with InterVarsity USA, the conference draws 250+ attendees from 30 of the top business schools across the US.

The theme for 2024’s conference is “Radically Inspiring: A Full Life in Christ.” Our vision is to inspire attendees to grow as believers who are in turn radically inspiring to others in all circles of their lives – inner life, workplaces, communities, and the world at large. The conference will include worship, fellowship, and testimonies of business leaders who have embraced their identity in Christ.

InterVarsity estimates less than 10% of students in the top MBA programs today are practicing Christians. The reality is that Christ followers in business school are immersed daily in a value system that strives to form them into the image of the world. A conference like Believers in Business is necessary in contributing a distinctive voice to the discourse of these institutions.

Personally, helping lead Believers in Business has been the capstone of my MBA education! Although it requires significant bandwidth and competes with a myriad of other demands in a demanding MBA program, I have found so much joy and blessing through this experience.

By organizing this conference, I get to apply the administration and leadership skills I learned in the workplace directly for kingdom building purposes. Additionally, the conference has been a platform for me to learn from and interact with alumni, speakers, and organizations, such as Faith & Co and the Center for Faithful Business who are promoting a Christian understanding of business in exciting, diverse ways.

God has ultimately used my experience participating in and leading Believers in Business to walk with me through the question – what path am I pursuing? On the one hand is the alluring, well-traveled path of accumulating wealth, influence, and material comfort. On the other hand, is the narrow path of Christ. While the narrow path could certainly include stability or abundance, its true end is “the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord…that I may know him and the power of his resurrection” (Philippians 3:8-9).

Pursuing God’s path in business school looks like trading off other priorities and opportunities to work faithfully on Believers in Business for me. It also looks like learning to surrender the need to know about tomorrow – whether the outcome of the conference “justifies” my input, whether my investment in business school will pay off, whether my career is on the right trajectory – because I can trust that God, who is loving and faithful, will lead me into faithful action when it’s time.

We invite you to join us on February 23-24, 2024, for the Believers in Business conference. Follow Us and Register Today!

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