Spiritually Attuned Leadership When the Way Forward is Risky, Uncertain & Hard

By Tracy Matthews

Executive Director of Attune

Geopolitical turmoil. Division and polarization. Economic uncertainty. Mental health degradation.

The world is a mess.  The path forward is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. As a leader, how are you showing up these days? Are you flourishing or languishing?

Psalm 1 says that “[The one] whose delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditates on his law day and night… is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither – whatever they do prospers.”

Does that describe you as a leader?  Or has the past season of your leadership perhaps taken its toll?

Humor me and take a look at these two tree images. Which one do you identify with more these days?

In your recent leadership, have you been experiencing more moments where your “leaves are full” – where you’re ready to respond to your daily situations with rootedness, resilience, and the ability to “bear good fruit”?

Or have you been experiencing an increasing tendency to show up more depleted, brittle, exhausted, rigid, irritable, or reactive?

If it’s the latter, let that be a signal to you – like your check engine light, telling you it’s time to look under the hood and make some adjustments.

Deep relational connection with God is key to our flourishing as leaders. By taking our daily leadership challenges to God in forms of prayer that foster two-way communication with him, we tap into his life-giving guidance, instruction and presence. The investment of time and energy into this kind of spiritual attunement pays dividends, not only in our own sense of emotional health and wellbeing, but also in the ways it helps us respond to our daily leadership situations – in ways that are more helpful, loving and wise towards those impacted by our leadership.

Don’t believe me? Try out Attune’s free, 10-minute guided exercises designed to help you take a specific leadership situation you’re facing before God, and tap into his presence and guidance for you.

Then assess whether you do, indeed, feel a bit more like your leaves are full, where you feel ready to respond to your situation with greater courage, wisdom and fruit of the Spirit.

If the experience is helpful for you, I challenge you to practice with some form of two-way prayer related to a specific leadership situation you’re facing, at least once a day, everyday for a week, and then assess to what extent you’re experiencing more fruit of the Spirit and fullness of life – on the whole as a leader.

And if you take me up on this challenge – please tell us about your experience. We’d love to hear about it!

Tracy Mathews

Executive Director of Attune

Attune offers tools and training to help teams slow down, listen deeply, and tap into more of God’s guidance for the work of organizational leadership. Prior to launching Attune, Tracy led strategy and business development for a biotech start-up, and has held positions at McKinsey & Company and the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

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