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Faith & Co.: Business on Purpose is an educational and formational experience that will deepen connections between your faith and work.

Do you long to know that what you do matters for eternal purposes? Are you wondering how to live out the implications of your faith in the competitive, global marketplace? If you have ever experienced a deep divide between your spiritual life and your work in business, Faith & Co. was made for you.

Faith & Co. affirms the marketplace as a place of calling and equips you to participate in God’s work of “reconciling all things” (serving the common good) through innovation, beauty, relationships, hope, hospitality, and stewardship.

This is done through 3 offerings:

Short films

A series of evocative short films featuring real-life exemplars of faithful living in the marketplace. Shot across the U.S. and in Ethiopia, Mexico, and Vietnam, the films include a wide range of industries (i.e., high tech, retail, health care, property development).

The films premiered in spring 2018 at events in Austin, Texas, and at Seattle Pacific University.

Open online course

This eight-week, university-level online course focuses on the themes and questions raised by the films. It is designed for those who want to deepen their understanding of theologically informed business practices. Taught by an award-winning professor, the course will feature films, interviews with thought leaders, exercises, and readings. [ Our next section of this course starts Tuesday, January 22, 2019. ]

Group study guide

A 10-week guide has been prepared to be used in conjunction with the film series.  Additional interviews with business leaders also supplement the guide.  The guide is designed for small groups to deepen conversation and formation around the theme of business as a vessel for grace, hope, and reconciliation.

Seattle Pacific University
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