Affected by Culture

Thinking Out Loud with Emily Padula

Hill Country Memorial Hospital


The employees here are affected by the culture that leaders cultivate, and I now believe, and I didn’t understand this before, but that work is a good thing and cultivating what we do, cultivating a system and having a healthy workplace and having a place that provides great care really really matters to God. And so the team that’s here get to fully express their humanity by doing good work, and that changes them from being human resources who I’m trying to force to get their job done at the end of the day to people who are fully living out their expression of their image bearing status of God. And so to engage them in that new way changes, I think, a lot about how I speak, how I lead, how I think about why we do what we do. So I think the culture that we create is really important, the things that we allow, the things that we encourage, the things that we celebrate, the things that get kind of nipped in the bud creates the kind of place where 700 people exist the majority of their day and go home to their families and live in their communities at the end of that day being affected really significantly by that culture and by the understanding of the work that they do. So I think as a leader it’s caused me to think about how to cultivate a place where people are inspired and feel motivated to do really great work in a place that recognizes and honors beautiful character, that honors people trying to live out all that we were intended to be.

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