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The passage out of Isaiah 65 where Isaiah is talking about the new heavens and the new earth, the vision that Isaiah puts out is just super simple; that infants don’t die when they’re young; that old people live out their years. People build houses and live in them, and people plant gardens and eat their food. So there’s a sense that there’s these very, very basic things of human existence and human life that lots of people from a variety of different convictional starting points can share in.

And so we’ve been working on what that means for Dayspring, what it means that we are a company with Christian convictions, but how do we invite folks from other kinds of convictional places to share in a common good work together?

The verse from Amos, in Eugene Peterson’s The Message translation is “Hate evil, love good, and work it out in the public square.” So the sense that the work of justice and the work that God would have the people of God do is actually something that’s done in the marketplace.

So I think the reason why it’s just really been core to how Dayspring understands itself is we do think that there is a way in which a business in the marketplace ought to live out a calling to be Christian. You don’t wall off the marketplace as something that the Gospel doesn’t have implications for, but instead this Gospel message of reconciliation, the good news that Christ is reordering all of our relationships and that we can have redemptive interactions is native to a marketplace environment.


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