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God Values Quality

Thinking Out Loud with Dave Munson 

Saddleback Leather Company


The way I see it is that everything God does is quality and there is no exceptions. And so it’s really important to us to do quality, and as best as we know how. Instead of having a shiny fabric with a world map on it to make you feel adventurous, we just have this tough bag, no breakable parts, so it’s just not gonna fall apart because even, I mean everything falls apart. And so we just try to make it as long-lasting, as durable as possible. There are little side benefits to that to the world if everyone bought quality, you would not have as many landfills. I did some calculations in, just Dave math one time and I forget what it came out, but maybe 400,000 bags a day are being thrown away around the world. Seven billion people, something like that. Maybe 400,000 bags, 500,000 bags a day are being tossed and then bought again. So how much petroleum is that for the nylon? How much thread? How much metal? How much earth was excavated for the metal for those zippers on a half million bags? I mean that’s a lot. Maybe it’s a half million a day or week, something like that, but it’s a lot. So if people just bought one bag for life, it just seems like it’s good for the environment. If they bought shoes, good quality shoes, if they bought a good quality fan. You know how when your fan, you buy a $29 or $22 or 19.95 and then it doesn’t stay adjusted and you, pretty soon it’s just kind of stripped? And now the head it either goes way up or way down. There are no replacement parts for those, you just gotta toss it in the trash. All that plastic, all that metal, all the wiring, all the energy that went into it. So quality, buying quality is just good for everybody.

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