Chi-En Yu

Is business bad for the soul?

Thinking Out Loud with Chi-En Yu

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I don’t think faith and business are at odds with each other, and the notion that business is primarily there for folks to earn as much money as possible, at whatever cost, and then that the Christian thing to do is to take all that cash and give it to some other mission, some other ministry,

I think that’s malforming. I think it’s bad for our souls to live under that assumption, and the reason I think it’s bad for our souls, which I know sounds terrible, is that it creates this sense that in my work-a-day life what I primarily do is earn money, earn money, earn money, parenthesis, at whatever cost, to myself, to other people, to the wellbeing of a place of a community. That’s going to form me into a certain kind of character, a certain kind of person, a certain way of understanding the world.


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