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We just started to build this little community of founding chefs, who wanted to launch this thing and wanted to have the opportunity to learn small business skills and to start their journey as a food entrepreneur. They are very motivated, excited, and organized and ready to really take steps as small business owners. And so we’re working with other local organizations like Snap, our local community colleges, to develop this small business training program where yes, there’s the on the job training of, you know, operating a commercial kitchen and running these take-out and catering events and dining in eventually. But there’s also that learning piece that goes into here’s the accounting and financial side of things, here’s the marketing side of things and trying to develop ways for folks to learn that in culturally appropriate ways and in their own language but also folks want to build English skills too. So there’s all sorts of little things that are happening that go beyond, you know, just take out meals. It’s been a fun way for people to, to enjoy different cuisines, even during this quarantine and pandemic. And it’s been a wonderful way for our chefs to learn how to pull off catering and take out events and make significant extra income for their families. And in the future, we can’t wait to gather people for cultural events, dine in options, and all kinds of fun stuff. You know, performances, live events, and we’re building out an outdoor dining space. It’s just gonna be incredible when we can gather people safely.

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