Money, Shame, and God

Thinking Out Loud with John Marsh

Marsh Collective


One of the most difficult things I’ve experienced in my walk in business and work and ministry is this idea that you have to make a choice. I mean, Christian entrepreneurs seem like you were saying two words that didn’t fit together, like, “What? Christian and entrepreneur? You mean build and make stuff and enjoy growing stuff and be a believer?”

I mean, I felt like there was so much shame in the church world where, “Show up and give money” was like, “Hey. Go make money, but bring it here and let us help you, show you how to make it holy. You go make it. Give it to us, and we’ll support missionaries and our ministries and our building and our other things. It’ll be good money.”

But it just always rubbed me the wrong way that we couldn’t work to the glory of God, that a plumber plumbing to the glory of God was not amazing, because I could see the beauty in the work they did and the way they did it.

There was a lot of shame in the beginning, and some of the biggest shame was that I love God and understood how to make money. I really felt like I didn’t have the shame rolled off of me around business and work until I heard the message of that vocation is from God. He cares about where you work. He calls some to be bakers and builders and makers. We could do that to the glory of God. He loves when we prosper.


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