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“I want to serve people that maybe the market overlooks. This is a process that takes like six months. We are going walk life with them. And that is such a chance to get to know them. We want to hear their story, not just sell them a home.

We are a for-profit company, but we believe there is a way to do this, to where you don’t have to try to rake off all the chips on the table. And in business, you can take advantage of people, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Especially if you see this as the Lord’s business, like we do. So we do things like the two year comprehensive warranty. I have never heard of a builder doing that. We will fix anything in the home for the first two years, and in fact, we fix lots of things, way after that. We ask ourselves, is there any chance that could have been our fault? And even if they are in year 11, we’ll fix it. Here’s the thing, we’ve had 30% growth year over year, for more than a decade. But it’s not at the expense of the customer or our trade partners, or what most people call subcontractors, that do the work on the homes. We don’t have to talk them down, to where they don’t make money. Everybody here can win; that is what the Lord’s taught us.”

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