Transparency and Trust

Thinking Out Loud with Steve Olsen 



I think transparency with our people helps build trust. And it also helps them see the impact that they can have and the improvements that they can make. And one of the things that we work really hard at is creating a culture of continuous improvement. We call it E2B2. Everyone every day, getting better and better. And in order for people to get better, they have to know where they’re at. They have to know how they’re doing. And so we work pretty hard at providing information, providing visibility, helping people see how they are doing, how their machine tool is doing, how their salary is doing, how the company is doing. On a regular basis, we have a cadence of information, daily, weekly, monthly information. And that transparency really helps people know what’s going on. It helps them know how they can make a difference, how they are making a difference, and it really builds trust. Then if you have trust, then you can get the best of people. The best of their mind and the best of their heart. I wouldn’t say that everyone feels like it’s not a burden. But I think it’s very true to say that the majority of our people appreciate their expertise being put to work, their knowledge, their years of experience and that we just don’t want their hands and feet, we want their minds, we want their hearts engaged in what they’re doing. And most people respond to that, most people prefer to work at a place where they’re engaged at that level.

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